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Middlefield Volunteer Fire Company

Here are a few facts that go to show why smoke detectors are so important to have in your home.

~Three out of five home fire deaths in 2007-2011 were caused by fires in homes with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms.
~Working smoke alarms cut the risk of dying in reported home fires in half.
~In fires considered large enough to activate the smoke alarm, hardwired alarms operated 93% of the time, while battery powered alarms operated only 79% of the time.
~When smoke alarms fail to operate, it is usually because batteries are missing, disconnected, or dead.
~An ionization smoke alarm is generally more responsive to flaming fires and a photoelectric smoke alarm is generally more responsive to smoldering fires. For the best protection, or where extra time is needed, to awaken or assist others, both types of alarms, or combination ionization and photoelectric alarms are recommended

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