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Middlefield Volunteer Fire Company

Tuesday Evening, members of the Middlefield Fire Company, along with Firefighter Ryan Parmelee from South Fire District, gave an ice safety presentation to the local Cub Scout Pack.  The group was given information on when the ice is safe to be on, as well as what to do in an emergency if someone were to fall through the ice.  Captain Jeff DiCostanzo, Lieutenant Dana Arnold, Lieutenant Steven Tyc, Past Chief Bruce Villwock, and Firefighter Nicholas Tyc gave a demonstration on the equipment used and methods of rescuing a victim during an ice water rescue incident.

If someone is in trouble on the ice, or falls through, it is important not to go on the ice to try and rescue them, as the ice is probably not safe to be on.  If you do witness someone fall through the ice, the most important thing is to call 911 and keep your eye on that person at all times, and give responders an accurate location of the victim.

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